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Zigo Rayopineal

zigo photo.jpg

Chilled soundscapes. -
electronic music.-
live dreamscapes
improvisation.and a lot out of musical generes


Zigo collide between savage electronics.nature sounds.alchemy and weird magic dark soundscapes sound designer. 

Photographer. no musician. working with electronics and slides and analog videos from 80.s cassette global mail culture to the 00.s net state-

IChing.mayas.philip K Dick.zen..jj borges.tao te king
john shirley.tristan tzara.bruce sterling.timothy leary.william gibson.a breton.rudy rucker-.gregory corso. l. ferllinghetti. j kerouac.nazca lines.uritorko. oliverio girondo. Henri Michaux. Gregory Bateson.J.G. Ballard.Antonin Artaud.butoh. NealStephenson.sacred geometry.g kosice.tarot.m foucault.w.burroughs.enki bilal.moebius. ambient noise glitch tech soundscapes natural sounds click and cuts industrial ritual .birdsong enviromentalo .urbano rekombinant trance.circuit bending. kiki de montparnase--


Study Universidad de Buenos Aires.argentina doctorado de grado
basic training in pauline oliveros (usa) deep listening
& murray schaffer (canada) soundscapes .

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