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Miyagi - Lammardo

Miyagi Lammardo.jpg

In the last week of 2018, that non-time between Christmas and New Year, Rodrigo Lammardo sent Marcelo Miyagi a piano base, with the idea of ​​adding a clarinet to it. That's how it all started.

Although both had a common past as a members of the rock band Limardos, including collaborations of Miyagi in Azurro Tano, a free jazz group, it was the first time they had tried a duo format. The result was positive for the visions of the two musicians, and they were able to finish a first album. Given the enthusiasm in generating new things, discovering and feeding back creativity (not only in the music but in the production) and the prolific nature of the project, they continued recording at a constant and dizzying pace, always doing it with cell phones as a recording technique. Today, there are four albums released, an EP and a single-diskette, with several more albums waiting to see the light soon; some already finished and others in progress.


Freedom as a fundamental fact marks the duo. In timbres, execution, forms, styles, duration, formats. Improvisers always looking for a concept, a complex sound.

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