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It could be said that there is an old relationship that goes back to an old friendship of our mothers in their neighborhood "behind the tracks", as it was known at that time to the back of the train station more than 70 years ago ... Another way to explain it is that we went to high school for a few months by 1974 and that we shared (from different places) a youth movement from the 70s, which in our small town called Trenque Lauquen (round lagoon in the original language) was known as “la progre”, understanding this term as contemptuous of progressive, so it was known the music we listened to then, and that we had long hair and some dressing, talking and even a walking own style in addittion. Then there were many stories of more or less established musical groups, lives on the move, migrations to other cities seeking sustenance to survive that made each one live different experiences and the fact that we would not meet each other for thirty years, except for a casual encounter. About ten years ago we had a talk and we agreed to meet for testing how our music could work together; that meeting took six years to happen. When we started with Eduardo Peralta what would be Stereopomos, soon Néstor proposed adding his playing to what we were doing around 2015-2016. Since then there have been a number of sound events, mainly performances in different places, numerous recordings, some of them published, others waiting for their moment, different groups where we contribute something with our sounds such as Dronosaurus (a trio with Gabriel Pereira Spurr), Ensemble del Espinal with Fabián Racca, or the group La Lliga de los Otros where César Martín and Pomo Peralta were added to the two friends aforementioned.


Keeping the idea of ​​Stereopomos we have taken a step as a duo with a new project more attached to the electronic sounds and little technology stuff, always within our possibilities; the rest is solved with wit, we would say.


This is a summary story to present our project   #


Nestor Polenta - Mario Ayala

Nestor, keyboards, guitar, looper.

Mario, guitar, virtual synths, looper and voice.

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