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Faster Faster Delta Waves


Jordi Heras Fauque (Cerdanyola del Vallés, Catalunya), under various aliases or pseudonyms, fed musical projects of various kinds on HAM Records.


Aurum Bit emerged as the alchemist, sculptor of textures who operated only on found material, recorded without prior intention and deforming commercial music at his whim.


In Ballet Ballet a duo was created in which the rhythms were more present, which ended up facing guitars and synthesizers treated with a component, somehow, cinematic.


Papiotri was a collective; artists staying on the edge of the non-musical, creating intuitive improvisations loaded with primitivism, both instrumental and stylish.


Lostdriver became the "alter-ego", the most real of the four, the one that occupied the most time in the process of creating a very varied music, always within the strange, or perhaps rather the strange made conventional.


Faster Faster Delta Waves is a new entity that is elucidated on the basis of the union of these four stylistic facets. It is a supergroup that synthesizes the maximization of the magnificent characteristic (as in this multiplicity) pseudo-schizoid of his art. It also represents the peak of a stage, the closure of the anonymity section and the beginning of a journey beyond the limits of the label that sheltered them. This does not necessarily lead to creative decline nor is it its fruit but rather to the contrary, it is the rupture that seals the intrusion into unified spaces that are simply checked shortly after listening to the first bars of this new band works. This quadruple unification drains in the sonic depth of each of its components and constitutes an offering that borders on genius on the one hand and on the genius of the disturbing on the other.


Jordi Heras Fauque-Gabriel Pereira Spurr (double personality text)

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