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Cesar Martin


I met César Martín many years ago, in the winter of 1981 to be more precise. From that time until now there have been tons of projects, shared life, several interruptions, reboots, ups and downs of an intimate relationship as people. As musicians we slide down the slope of time learning and experimenting from the first time until a few days ago when we met at his house in Córdoba to move the air of his old gear speakers a little. Something that propelled us almost all our lives both to subsist and to do things on an artistic level was the movement, which had its moment high in the mid-1990s with the Viaje al Sueño duo that we carry out in the city of Santa Rosa, The Pampa; we managed to edit our material and move with our own sound equipment. Since those times we have carried out other stories in different frames of cities, people and music. Always very close to two ideas musically, the sound experimentation on the one hand and the valuation of certain roots on the other and of course a very clear political ideology that join us.


Mario Ayala Herrera

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