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Antonella Eye Porcelluzzi


I had a poetic approach to things since my childhood, I saw things differently, I was educated to never correct my faults, to never repeat my acts, to never forget my thoughts, to never memorize poems just to write them down, everything had to be unique and this proved to be advantageous, eventually, I succeeded to meet all the people I wanted to meet, learn all I wanted to learn. At a certain point I had no other choice possible than doing what I wanted to do. All this costed efforts, sacrifices, much work, but as I said, brings much joy. Maybe at a certain moment I was « enlightened », and for instance Pasolini showed me a way to be poet and completely involved in the world we live in, saying his political opinion in poems and films, working on history, building an entirely new media understanding of his own and using it. I do things my way of course, but he is certainly an example, a man from the future.

All is poetry, poetry is the brain of Leonardo, the way he found solutions and invented the future by looking at birds, water, by cutting corpses to understand our anatomy. 

Science, mathematics, cabbala, all ca be useful to get a hint of Synthesis. If you reach synthesis you can go methodically into the problem you apply at, and have results. I think being a poet is more an end than a beginning, or is beginning in a cyclical way. It has to do with your basic resources, with your experience. With satisfaction.

By seeing how I get mad these days with the idea this captivity -because of the covid virus- is dangerous for each of us, I must admit freedom really is important for me. I am never on the top front between them who are supposed to be right, to know the rules, to know everything. I have no rules, I m kung-fu, I prepare spiritually, every time ready, or almost :) So I know well what means being oppressed by ideas you don’t share, but guess what, I am always at the wrong side at first ant at the right side at the end. I prefer this way. I survived many dangers, you can believe me, and I survived just by trusting me, being who I am.

Contradictions are always there, or at least at certain moments. They are signs, or choices to be taken, they mark an unexplored path, often. I prefer to handle them with silence, until I know what to do. 

It's what it's needed to make sense, like a kind of witness
i need the abstract, a lot, and the concrete, 
i read about the energizing power of rereading own memories, revising my own life, this should free energy, 
we are energy, the big and the little parts of reality
i'm enjoying the exercise, and looking forwards to see what happens next
needs meet urgence meet improvisation meet creation meets flowing life meet facing truth meet seeing
and so on, but each ring of the chain is of utmost importance, i like when life is essential, when things are necessary
it's maybe the hardest way to live, but in this fullness of life is the wonder

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