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Darkstokhausen (Ariel Jesus Milillo), was born on February 24, 1967 in Rosario, province of Santa Fe, Argentina (which surely can also affirm several people of themselves, which does not do anything special). Musician, sculptor, adventurer, writer, mystic, self-taught gnoseologist, occultist, Orthodox Bishop (out of service). He studied at the National School of Music in his hometown, deciding as the only influence and personal tradition to free atonalism, Italian futurism and postwar avant-garde, subscribing to his compositions in a mixture of these currents. Their irresponsible and magnificent first presentations (between 16 and 19 years old) included as interpreters the multi instrumentalist Javier Fioramonti, the cellist Luis Ratteni and the flutist and expert in medieval music Marcelo Nóbrega.


When he was 20 years old, he moved to Barcelona, ​​composing, recording, studying and performing in several European countries.In those years he defines sound as a vibratory state of matter where the unmanifest manifests itself sensuously, therefore, he stops composing to look for "The Sound". At that time he dedicated himself to the adventure in the East, being a "river transporter" between Tahilandia and Cambodia, caravanner in India and pilgrim. It begins in a particular form of Vamachara, which he names "Desflorando a la Muerte." He considers, together with Scriabin and Stockhausen, the mystical transcendence of music, and therefore, in the search for sound, he resorts to mystical experiences. He returns to Argentina and composes a work that consists of a pvc pipe where water enters and exits, making music with the full-empty fluid difference, while inside the structure a choreography is developed by the contemporary Spanish dancer Celia de Miguel.


He continues with the search for sound and understands the principles of resonance, including in the equation to space, the interpreter-composer and the audience, thus creating a method called Biokinetics that consists of several psychophysical, mystical, philosophical and contact disciplines. His search leads him to enter the Orthodox Church, imbued in Eastern Christianity, is ordained a priest and consecrated bishop, being a primate of the Church, deside to return to the esoteric side of the Nazarani (teachings of Jesus before Paul, who is the one who «Invent» Christianity). He writes a mystical book called Nazarayana and says goodbye to Christianity, considering it "nest of vipers", taking the artistic name Darkstokhausen, being his trademark.Technically he is still a bishop, since by being primate, no one has the canonical power to censor or excommunicate him. Having achieved the sound, he goes for silence, understanding that in the aerial nature of the earth silence does not exist, he creates it in the laboratory by means of the topographical theory of Sir Roger Penrose, generating a sinusoidal wave in a track, copying it and investing it in another and mixing them, thus builds the singularity, the silence.


After that, having found the sound and the silence, he decides to fit himself to make music. In this stage, his music and his internal work are in resonance, also using the electromagnetic frequency packages in the quanta of light to make music by means of antennas, the ritual songs and the spiritual language created by him. Currently, he is also dedicated to the teaching of the Biokinetic Theater, the initiation into the Nazarayana and the mystical arts, the meditation and healing sessions and the presentation of seminars and conferences. Its motto: Mysticism without myths, is science; Science without an open mind is a corporate myth. That thought is called Mystical Rationalism.

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