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In 2018, Mario Castro, who was part of local groups in the city of Cancun, decided to take a break from his career as a DJ in pursuit of his personal improvement in music. He focused on developing as a musician who, in the last 5 years produced, composed and selected the material that would be part of his debut in 2019 as nvrdr, which was born as a project focused on the production of experimental music

The work nvrdr is offering focuses on the very sound experimentation, influenced by the electronic music scene, as well as by the innovation, ideology and structure that constitutes the Avant-Garde genre. He is one of the leading artists of the just only emerging experimental scene in the city of Cancun, Mexico. Sound lover first of all.


That same year (2019) Mario Castro founded Microativ, a musical collective of the city that helps promote the teaching of what is the experimentation of sound and all its borders, as well as all kinds of art that can be heard and seen. Microativ aims to be a source of support for artists or labels interested in experimental music or simply to create something unique and innovative

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