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Les Troubadours Soniques


The legends usually establish in their protagonists blind behavioral patterns that are rarely abandoned and Les Troubadorurs Soniques do not count in their favor with being the exception. When they decided to calm the furies of Trepidi (the first gas serpent that expelled terrorizing clouds of negative LSD in the fertile regions of Daar Baa Lah) by means of convoluted melodies that pretended to make her sleepy and generate chemical recombinations that would improve the quality of their flatus trips, her Karma was sealed.


The only ones present in the event argue that the arrival to the achievement would have been the natural result if the failure had not made its appearance. One of the members of the musical collective, awkward prey of a crazy choreography and in spite of any moderately professional attitude kicked the energy source supply of all the instruments ... and silence dominated the entire universe, except in the gigantic dimensional Trepidi domain.


The Serpent fled our bards and thereafter doubled the perversion of their negative LSD clouds (the scope of this circumstance is easily verifiable given the immense amount of imbecile governments that civilization has given birth since that date). The unconscious collective enthroned them in the place of flight and they have been there ever since. Therefore, any approach to an accurate biography is reckless.


But it can be said that ,due to the characteristics of their archaeological musical search, made with a tiny beach shovel, Les Troubadours are the genuine inventors of ethnic cartoon music.

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