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Antoni Robert

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Antoni Robert i Gadea (Barcelona, 1954).

My life changed when I was 9 the day my father had the idea of giving me away as a present The Beatles' just released EP that featured Twist and Shout. It blew my mind. When I was 18 I did progressive rock in the band Black Machine,  without a trace (admired bands such as Black Sabbath and Soft Machine were reponsible for the band's name, but we wanted to become King Crimson).

The career (I am a doctor in astrophysics, like Brian May) and my job (I fixed things same as Pulp Fiction's Mr Wolfe) took me apart from active music, althought I never stopped listening, and I ran a record label from 1990 until 2000 more or less, Edicions Nova Era- Música Secreta, with more than 35 published editions (Roedelius, Cluster, Moebius, Evan Parker, Agustí Fernández, Steve Lacy, Embryo …).

In 2015 I resumed the activity and in addition to individual projects I participate in groups such as OME Acústic, Zero de Conducta, D.O.S. and NUUMU Code. I have an interest in experimentation and improvisation. Brian Eno and AMM are two key figures. In different places I have more than 35 published works, and I will not stop. In February 2020 my first book of poems will be published.

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