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Zulu Souvenir


Since the early 90's Andrés Toro began an uncertain and dark visual and sound wandering, initiated in the sound field with his solo project Zulu Souvenir, which intermittently appears and disappears from 1992 until now where it is remarkably active, marginal project in sound and experimental clearly concrete without knowing it. From proto drone and looping and some sampling, this drifts in Los Tigres Voladores along with the immense Lucas Cordiviola, (Lucarda), guerrilla and surgical sampling duo with which they publish in the independent label Discolos their first 3 albums between 2000 and the 2003, (see, arriving its 4th album Folcloro, after 5 intermittent years of work, to be edited by the Ministry of Culture of Santiago del Estero within the framework of the New Civilizations and Barbaries Festival (2010).

Subsequently he adds more improvised instrumental concerns, crossing with a myriad of “underground” characters; emerging from these crosses, Machine Marafioti, Texas Instruments, and Klub Der Klang, a combo that is active for almost 10 years with many variations but very little edited being its highest point playing live in the room in the Julio Leparc show, at the Malba museum in 2014, unique in achieving that among its light installations (see youtube links). Also active in other projects such as Sound States, Tirol Pantora, Faraday Brancusi, Cul Du Monde and currently Robotas.

Co-creator and curator of the OidNos project in the CNB Case, together with Máximo Fernández and Martín Sandoval, a series of experimental music concerts that after 2 years in the CNB goes to CCRRojas.

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