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The least equipped band in the world celebrates its first years of glory and praise. Born in 1996, in Temperley, Argentina, and under the influence of The Residents, Chrome, Pram, Coil, The Shaggs and Parchís, this group of whateverism ideology, lunatic sound, absurd proposal and sarcastic attitude, has recorded more than 20 albums , considered today by the specialized press as "works of worship". Their exploits include being the first to ask Guinness for recognition for having recorded the shortest double album in history (including 20 tracks in less than 5 minutes), the only ones to create his own illegal label of unauthorized recordings, the only band that boycotted their own record release, the only musicians in the world who released a cassette without tape, the first to spread deliberately false news for their shows and record promotions, the only ones to edit the soundtrack of a movie never filmed, the first to invent  an adept journalist who writes very well about them, the only ones to record a disc in which nobody played a single note of any instrument, the only ones who recorded a CD entirely with toys and sound plates exposed to the sun, the first to hire a dog as an official member, the only ones to cite in an album famous sessionists who did not attend the sessions , the only ones to include the original vocalist of a group to sing their own cover, and capable of achieving the most beautiful and commercial song, and, in turn, manage to descend to the catacombs of the most extreme avant-garde. They were, they are and they will be, the first and only.

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