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I have been involved with music for several years mainly as a guitarist but I have moved into working more intensively with subtractive, FM and analog synthesis around three years ago. The guitar, particularly in the form of loops, occasionally features in my work but semi modular synthesizers and drone machines feature the most heavily in recent work including Wychecrafte.


With Wychcrafte I started with a theme in mind, which is based upon memories of a book I once saw a friend of mine reading many years ago, The Lesser Key or Goetia. This book purports to be a manual for summoning demons both good and evil and although I have no belief in this subject it's an interesting document from a psychological point of view. My reading which is mainly of an arcane or ancient bent informs a lot of my music but clearly like all musicians I am also an unconscious medium for other things going on around us all. So, the turbulent times both political and socio-biological we currently find ourselves in are possibly reflected in this work.


I am inspired both by ambient and industrial music and as a result the listening is not always easy but I hope it is interesting to the voyager.

As with all of my music I start with a patch or idea and work from there without adhering to any strict rules and using what often turns up by chance.


My next album is going to focus upon the imagined worlds of the Polish science fiction writer Stanislaw Lem (titled LEM). Work has begun on this project and will be released sometime in Spring 2021.

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