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Kreustzfeld Jakob


Kreustzfeld Jakob (a project that could also be written with letters C replacing the letters K) was born in the 80's, in Montreal, Quebec, Hutchison Street, on the third floor of a huge apartment located in the city's Jewish quarter. We were a duo, Yves Lapierre and I, but occasionally some friends joined with voice and guitar, although we usually played only the two of us using a cassette, two CD players with a loop function, a bass, electronic drums, DX7 and DX27 keyboards, guitar, oboe, clarinet and prepared guitars. We recorded with a 4 track Tascam; we played the first part and transferred it to the cassette, then we played on top of this that served as a reference until we found what we were looking for.

We got together on Thursdays, our payday, and we went buying some effects boxes such as a reverb, delays, distortions; we also took the chance to have a drink and spent hours testing and recording. We played for two or three years without feeling the need to take this music out of our workshop, or to make shows or distribute cassettes, except for one or two people we knew who might be interested. We both listened to the same music, we had influences from Cassiber or from a Fred Frith album of whose title I do not remember, futurism, surrealism and industrial music; we drank the same beer, the same alcohol, we were tuned in. Then what had to happen happened and we became disinterested in music to simply live and go to concerts, to parties in lofts, to dinners with friends, to exhibitions and to look for jobs, since things got bad ... Yves worked in screen printing, from time to time I helped him, but we no longer had time to see each other to play.

My children were born, he did detox cures, and he had the bad idea of ​​dying five years ago when life smiled on him again. I decided as a tribute to dust Kreusztfeld Jakob off. We had this fleeting idea of ​​getting together again to make noise someday... Every time I play I feel that one part is missing, the lack of another layer of sounds that would come to complete what I am trying vainly to achieve.

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